Why Lotus Vancouver

    We play on a different field, one in which individuality and character matter,  teamwork is key, and reputation is everything.

    We have some of the brightest people in the automotive business working with us. Everyone is engaged, contributing to make a difference and to make your experience with us the best it can be. We think you’ll see it the moment you set foot in our door.

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    1918 Fir St.
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    V6J 5E2

    P 604 736 1001



    Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00 PST
    Sat 10:00-5:00 PST (sales only)
    Closed on long weekends


    Meet the Team

    Asgar Virji

    Asgar Virji

    Chief Executive / CEO

    “The most important thing we can offer a client is our complete dedication to their satisfaction. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than leave a client suspecting they may have received less than our very best.”

    Mike Wood

    Mike Wood

    General Manager

    Mike began what would become his career when he was only five-years-old, as he could name every car on the road, from quite a distance. From there, he moved on to just about every position imaginable within a dealership: starting from washing cars to Sales and Management. Mike knows quite a bit about cars and how to make the experience easy and smooth when you’re looking for your dream car.

    Mike’s favourite part about this business? Pretty simple: connecting people with the perfect car by listening to their needs, reading between the lines, and helping them cut through the noise to find the perfect fit.

    Make sure you drop in and pay Mike a visit at our beautiful new location at 1918 Fir St.

    Stuart Davidson

    Stuart Davidson

    Service Director

    “There are no five o’clock surprises in this shop. That’s when a bill is more than what a customer expects. That’s a surprise that causes a lot of stress and tension. We simply don’t have upset customers. Everything we do is planned & approved; we consult with the client along the way and do everything in our power to provide a pleasant, calm experience. What a customer sees as a great job when he picks up his car, I see as we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do, what we set out to do from day one.”

    Shawn MacKenzie

    Shawn MacKenzie

    Wholesale Division Associate

    Originally from Edmonton, Shawn started up in the car business at 17. Initially starting off in sales and flipping cars, Shawn quickly also became an expert in importing and buying cars. In 2010, Shawn made the move to Vancouver and quickly made strides. With so much experience in the industry in just about every aspect, Shawn is an excellent addition to our team.

    Before moving to Vancouver, Shawn was a professional alpine ski racer, travelling the world chasing winter.

    Arthur Power

    Arthur Power

    Sales Specialist

    Arthur joined the Lotus team in November 2017. Coming to us from beautiful Quebec, Arthur’s entrepreneurial spirit and extensive background in sales and marketing makes him an incredible addition to our team.

    In his spare time, Arthur loves testing his skills on the slopes in addition to all things automotive and outdoor.

    Arthur is eager to get to know all of our customers, new and old, over a fresh espresso in the showroom.

    Jaime Walton

    Jaime Walton

    Wholesale Division Manager

    Classifying himself as a, “carfinder,” from Montreal to Seattle, Jaime has a bevy of experience in the car industry. Jaime has worked with local dealers for over 20 years and spent six years working with dealers globally. With a vast amount of experience with many different marques, Jaime is a fantastic addition to our team.

    Jaime believes in honesty and integrity – and that is exactly what you get from him.

    Chad Wookey

    Chad Wookey

    Service Manager

    “The difference here is that we give clients first class service, all the way.”

    Call our parts and service department for all of your car’s needs.

    Our Family

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