Lotus Certified Pre-Owned

    Our new cars are backed by a comprehensive 36 month/60,000 km warranty. We want you to have that kind of confidence in all our cars.

    Our new cars come complete with a factory warranty, so why shouldn’t you have the same experience with any car you buy from us?

    We’re very particular about the cars we sell. We put them through a rigorous inspection process to ensure they’re every bit as good as the day they were first built. Once they’ve passed, we recondition them to ensure there are no scuffed wheels, no major scratches or dents, and that the interiors look and feel like no other used car in the market. We deliver every car we sell with 2 keys. We’re proud of that.

    Lotus Certified Pre-Owned

    We’re also proud to offer most of our vehicles, regardless of make, as Lotus Certified Pre-owned (CPO) Vehicles, meaning that each car certified by us comes with a warranty for at least one year, and many with considerably more than that and unlimited mileage restrictions. Look at our website for the CPO logo – and be confident that you’re backed by a warranty unlike any other in the business. Come and visit us in store to learn more or email us here with your questions and we’ll tell you all about it.

    Advantages of Lotus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles:

    We have you covered:

    Drive with confidence knowing your vehicle is backed by an industry leading warranty with Superior Coverage.  Our Lotus Certified Pre-Owned warranty program includes most of your car’s components, not just the drivetrain. Click here for coverage terms or see us for details.

    Unlimited Mileage:

    Most of our certified pre-owned vehicles offer at least one year of coverage, with no mileage restrictions whatsoever.

    Warranty Valid throughout Canada and the USA:

    If you’re traveling and cannot bring your car back to us for service, have the confidence knowing your car is covered when you travel. You can take your car to any licensed mechanic for warranty service, across Canada and the USA.

    You Can Upgrade your Coverage:

    One year not enough? You can easily upgrade your coverage up to as much as 10 years from the original factory warranty at nominal cost with varying options. Speak with one of our experts to learn more.

    Lotus Vancouver Extended Care Program:

    Not all our cars qualify for our CPO program, as some are simply too old, or might be a brand that may not be underwritten by our CPO warranty provider. Rest assured, you still have options.

    We are proud to offer the Lotus Vancouver Extended Care Program, modelled after the same program offered by our parent Company, Weissach LP.

    With coverage that rivals the comprehensive factory warranty provided by the manufacturer of the brands we sell, we are able to offer best in class warranty coverage.  It’s a pretty remarkable program that will keep you and your vehicle happy for as long as you are behind the wheel.

    Some of the added benefits of Lotus Vancouver Extended Care include:

    • 24 hour – 7 days a week Roadside assistance;
    • Rental car coverage/ service;
    • Trip interruption reimbursements;
    • Transferable to the new owner, if you sell your car privately;
    • Often refundable in the rare instance you don’t make a claim.

    By purchasing a Lotus Vancouver Extended Care policy you are able to protect yourself from  unexpected repairs as well as rising repair costs. If your car is under factory warranty, coverage starts when that expires. If you car is not under any factory or extended warranty, then this becomes the perfect chance to add protection that begins the day you take delivery from us.

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