The Vancouver 5

    The Vancouver 5


    Five special cars, one pedigree. Journey into the world of Lotus Cars with Lotus Vancouver.

    A British icon, Lotus Cars have been around since 1948. From racing to modern day production vehicles, the brand has history and a light-bodied, but powerful skillset behind it.

    Enter the “Vancouver 5”: five specially commissioned cars with bespoke interior packages, colours, and options unavailable to the general public made only for the Vancouver market.

    Three Lotus Evora 400’s and two Lotus Evora Sport 410’s have arrived in Vancouver this past June 2018. Each car is individually identified as one of the Vancouver Five. Separated by a single digit serial number, memorialized by a bespoke plaque identifying it as either Vancouver One, Two, Three, Four or Five.

    A classic is born: in the world of collector cars, provenance is key. Knowing who owned the car, when, where and for how long is the key to a high valuation. What if you could own a car with a provenance that starts even earlier. Before the car was even built, right back to when it was first conceived? Now you can.

    Each car comes complete with a coffee table book with complete photo-documentation of the vehicle’s progress through the manufacturing process – from first order design to completion, signed by the craftsman himself. 

    Now available, these cars will change the way you see the Lotus Cars brand. To check out our current inventory, click here.

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