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    1757 West 2nd Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    V6J 1H7

    P 604.738.3911


    Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30 PST
    Sat 10:00-5:00 PST (sales only)
    Closed on long weekends

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    Our Beliefs

    • “You only go back to the store that treats you well. The day you treat a client poorly, they’re done.”Weissach
    • “We’re very serious about honesty, about standing behind what we do, standing behind the brands, standing behind the business.”Weissach
    • “We’ve set standards for our business; to provide outstanding customer service, a good product, and to treat our clients with complete honesty.”Weissach
    • “We don’t allow bad experiences to happen. We know all of our customers by name. Say hello and goodbye. We’ll wash their car, vacuum their car and treat it like it’s our own. We have many repeating customers, from both sales and service; some have had 10 or 11 cars from us where they’ve bought one, traded up, and traded up again.”Weissach
    • “We’re known and respected among Porsche enthusiasts, all over Canada. If people know Porsches, they know Weissach.”Weissach
    • “Our service and parts departments may not be the cheapest on every little thing, it’s the service we provide that makes the difference.”Weissach
    • “We ask people if it’s their first Porsche. If they tell us yes, we tell them they’re ruined for everything else now. It’s a very unique brand, in everything they do.”Weissach

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