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    “Now it’s offered by a Lotus dealer in Vancouver and I have to admit, I may need a new keyboard after perusing that dealer’s pre-owned inventory owing to the drool that’s presently shorting out my current clacker.” — JALOPNIK

    Called the Monte Carlo elsewhere, today’s Nice Price of Crack Pipe Lancia Beta went by Scorpion in both the U.S. and this particular car’s home, Canada. Let’s see if its price brings a stinging rebuke, eh?

    It’s about 4,500 miles from Alaska to Boston, Mass., a distance apparently covered in some fashion by last Friday’s 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. That stretch would have likely proved a mere pittance to the FJ80 seeing as it sported over 330,000 miles in total under its tires.

    Its Robert Frostian reputation meant that even a somewhat battered and bruised appearance couldn’t keep [...]

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