Lotus Eletre – The World’s First Electric Hyper-SUV

March 30 2022

The soul of a Lotus with the usability of an SUV. The all-new, all-electric Lotus Eletre heralds a momentous point in Lotus Cars’ 74+ years of revered design and engineering. Embodying emotion, intelligence and prestige, the Eletre extends the reach and appeal of the hallowed Lotus name to existing and new generations of Lotus fans. Eletre means ‘coming to life’ in multiple Eastern European languages, a fitting and meaningful name as Eletre marks significant firsts coming to fruition for the brand. Lotus Cars’ first five-door production car, first model made outside of the sportscar segment, and the first lifestyle electric vehicle (EV).

Being all-electric gave Lotus designers more freedom when concocting the Eletre’s appearance and translating design elements from its sister models Evija and Emira. Overall proportions give an element of mid-engine design as the cab-forward stance, short bonnet section, long wheelbase, and short front and rear overhangs culminate into a visual lightness fitting of a Lotus. The ‘carved by air’ ethos first implemented in the Evija and Emira are immediately obvious with the sculpted cutaways and in the Eletre’s front. These and other porous elements found throughout the Eletre’s surfaces are all aerodynamically functional and guide air over, under, and around unlike any SUV before. The lower front splitter sports active aerodynamics with an intricate triangular-petal network. The vents open when additional cooling is needed for the floor-mounted battery packs and front brakes, otherwise remaining shut to reduce drag.

The interior instills a sense of precision in its layout and technological features. The driver-focused cockpit and high center console draw inspiration from the Evija and Emira and create a cossetting, tailored feel. Not one to feel claustrophobic, a panoramic sunroof bathes the interior space in unobstructed natural lighting, while owners can specify the rear seating with two individual seats or a more traditional three-seat bench configuration. Though there is storage throughout the interior, an additional 77 litres in the front and 400 litres in the rear trunks ensure ample space. Available materials have sustainability in-mind. Highly durable man-made microfibers adorn primary touchpoints and are complemented by an advanced wool-blend fabric on the seats. These features are 50% lighter than equivalent leather, and further weight savings are made with the use of recycled carbon fiber surfaces. Above all, the Eletre’s combination of materials, spaciousness, and minimal design are meant to allow occupants to focus on what Lotus Cars is most famed for, an involving and peerlessly enjoyable drive.

Eletre promises to be a world-class leader in available technology and infotainment. Lighting in the Eletre’s interior is a key component of the human machine interface (HMI), beyond aesthetic purposes it also changes colors to communicate with occupants about anything from incoming phone calls to the battery’s state of charge. In the center console, a 15.1” OLED touchscreen displays the Eletre’s infotainment systems and configurations and can fold away when not required. Additional information is telegraphed to the driver in with an augmented reality (AR) head-up display. The Eletre is the first of its kind to utilize LiDAR sensor systems for its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and, with this system, is capable of autonomous driving and seamless over the air (OTA) updates.

Lotus Cars’ knowledge and expertise of optimized handling, ride comfort, steering feel, and aerodynamics have been carefully and respectfully evolved for the Eletre to ensure an authentic Lotus-feel. A pioneering new chassis is made of aluminum and high tensile steel for peak rigidity while integrating an 800v high-voltage power distribution system. With 4WD, courtesy an electric motor on each axle, output a base target of 600 bhp with further developments to come. The Eletre will come with five drive modes – Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road, and Individual – that each optimize the car’s steering, damper rates, powertrain outputs, and acceleration response. 0-100 km/h is comfortable achieved in under three-seconds, and top speed is 260 km/h. The Eletre’s maximum range (WLTP cycle) is a targeted 600 km with 350 kW charge times as low as 20 minutes for 400 km.

Eletre is the first of three new Lotus lifestyle EVs to be released within the coming four years. Orders open soon.

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