The Star Debuts: The Lotus Emira Impresses in Vancouver

December 16 2022

The Emira is one of the most accomplished drivers cars Lotus has ever made. An instant classic, it is the result of decades of passionate and masterful engineering honed both on road and track, and a fitting end to an era of performance as Lotus Cars’ final internal combustion engine-powered vehicle. Like many enthusiasts the world over, we cannot wait for the Emira to arrive. We were fortunate enough to host the press vehicle and get a taste of the greatness to come.

Having fun sitting in the new Lotus Emira

A Shadow Grey First Edition V6 Emira graced Vancouver with its presence earlier this November. Over the weekend of its visit it drew countless eyes from fans and onlookers walking past our showroom as it sat among the company of its outstanding Lotus predecessors. The visiting Emira was also made exclusively available for soon-to-be owners, and our dear friends from the Lotus Car Club of British Columbia, for a private viewing at our Service Centre, complimented by drinks and refreshments. Later during its visit the Emira made a drive to TROVE in Richmond, accompanied by our silver Esprit, for an evening on display for fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Fan looking at the new Lotus Emira in Vancouver showroom

Now that European and Asian deliveries are underway, production in Hethel is increasing. We expect North American Emiras to arrive by late Spring 2023, right on time for driving season! At this time, we also expect to receive our Seneca Blue V6 Emira demo unit and will announce when test drives becomes available. Contact us to learn more about the Lotus Emira and other upcoming events.

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