Lotus Vancouver

    We are delighted to share some exciting news with you: we have opened a fourth location at the corner of West 3rd Avenue and Fir St. Welcome the new Lotus Vancouver showroom!

    Originally built as the first LOTUS Store – Auto in Vogue – this beautiful building will be diving back to its roots to serve as the new home to our LOTUS sales showroom, alongside the other sports and luxury marks that we take on trade. We are happy to announce that we are OPEN and we hope to be of service to you.

    At Lotus Vancouver, we have a wide range of vehicle makes and models to suits your needs. If we don’t have your dream car currently in stock, we will find it!

    The original Weissach store at 1757 West 2nd Avenue will remain dedicated to the perfect pre-owned Porsche and RUF automobiles. All vehicle servicing and aftercare will continue at this location.

    1918 Fir St.
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    V6J 5E2
    P 604 736 1001


    About the LOTUS Brand

    Distinctive and without equal, Lotus stands alone as a brand dedicated to delivering a pure driving experience.

    No other marque can claim a better track record when it comes to designing and manufacturing a thoroughbred sports car. Over the last seven decades, Lotus has remained true to the ethos of its founder Colin Chapman. Applying his approach to precision engineering and automotive innovation, but using the latest technologies and advanced materials. It ensures that every Lotus is strong yet light and simply amazing to drive.

    Unconcerned with following more mainstream companies, Lotus’ unconventional approach and focus ensures that the brand remains as agile, fast and responsive as its cars.

    Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus plc, sees the company’s approach to engineering as its biggest strength. “We’re not concerned with following other car manufacturers. Innovation comes from taking a new approach, and we don’t stop looking. Colin Chapman famously said, ‘Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere,’ and that thinking has become part of our DNA.”

    Every Lotus benefits from the company’s dedication to engineering, optimising and refining at every stage of the design and construction process.

    Each Lotus car is built by hand, and is just one of around 2,000 vehicles a year that leave the famous factory in Hethel, Norfolk. Immensely proud of its heritage, Lotus combines the very best of British craftsmanship with cutting edge design to provide customers with an un-paralleled experience.

    Ultimately, the best way to understand a Lotus is to drive it. Only then can you truly understand the focus and precision that make it one of the world’s best car brands.


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