Lotus The Everlasting Innovator

    With the Geneva Auto Show just around the corner, Lotus dealers around the world are gearing up to step into the future of Lotus. Geneva is famous for announcing exciting new models and technology to the world, and this year will be no different.

    What will Lotus be bringing to the Geneva International Auto Show this year?

    Last May, having barely hung up his hat in his new office, in-bound Group Lotus CEO jean-Marc Gales tasked his team of engineers with the following: develop and execute exciting new products that will grab the imagination of sports car fans everywhere. His ambitious target was to launch the next generation of Lotus vehicles at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show this March.

    The legacy of Colin Chapman, Lotus’ founder, is still strong and healthy. Look at any Lotus – race, street, old, new – they all have the same fundamental DNA in common. Chapman’s principals when designing street and race cars: simplify, then make it lighter. Lotus’ are all about momentum and the analogue experience. These are qualities rarely found in today’s car market, which is flooded with semi-automated rolling computers trying to pass themselves off as “drivers” cars. Lotus enthusiasts don’t need to have this explained to them and that is why they keep coming back. Gales understands this too, and is committed to the core values that Colin Chapman established in 1952 when it all started.

    A strong network of global dealers has been steadily growing this year, with 25 new dealers signed on since Gales’ tenure began, and another 50 expected by the end of 2015.

    What does that mean to Lotus fans around the world?

    Besides better after-sales service and support, this dealer network is a sign of times to come. “The dealers are so confident that they are carrying the investment themselves”, says Gales. It really says something about a product, when the very people selling it for you, are willing to stick their own necks out to see it happen. Clearly, lotus isn’t going anywhere – other than down the road FAST.

    And what about North America, safety requirements and engine suppliers?

    There are plenty of rumours floating around the internet that would suggest the North American market is being over looked, or that Group Lotus is not willing to create a car that is compliant with US or Canadian regulations. This is definitely not the case, as Gales clarifies. “We are fully committed to the North American market and will produce a 2016 model year Evora that will be fully compliant for the USA. The North American market is vitally important for us and we are expanding our dealer network and will grow our sales volumes in the future.”

    Keep your eyes peeled on Geneva this year, to get your first glimpse at the future of Lotus.

    For more about Jean-Marc Gales and his efforts to live up to the expectations of Lotus enthusiasts, this candid article in Forbes magazine gives great insight into what it takes to develop and grow a unique brand that refuses to fall in line with the status quo.

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