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    The editors of Winding Road magazine just announced their annual Best Car of the Year Awards for 2012 and our fine new Evora S beat out cars from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. to win their Best Super Coupe of 2012 Award. In their Best Car of the Year awards, the editors of Winding Road seek out and honor the “best driver’s vehicles” placing primary emphasis on driver involvement. In their own words from their press release below – “There is no other award on the planet that credits driver/car involvement, first and foremost, when selecting the most impressive cars and trucks of the year.” Right in our wheelhouse at Lotus thanks to our talented engineers with well-calibrated bums across the pond!

    Following is the Evora S content from The Best Cars of 2012 feature story in their latest issue, you can also follow the links in the announcement below to see the entire story and latest issue of Winding Road:

    Best Super Coupe: Lotus Evora S
    With competitors including blistering fare from Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, winning the Super Coupe of the Year award means a dogfight. So, while few would argue that the newly supercharged Evora is anything but a purebred sports car, we think its win here is mightily impressive considering the talent in the segment.

    The Evora S is fast, blissfully communicative, and more fluid to operate at the limit than any car south of a six-figure price tag ought to be. A fast, direct manual transmission allows for superb modulation of the torque-rich engine, while a nearly pitch-perfect exhaust note encourages us to keep the revs up just for the hell of it. Take this Lotus to the track and it’ll do you proud, drive it hard on the most excellent back road you can find and it’ll blow your mind.

    Of course, if one was just looking for speed and handling, Lotus’ own Exige would make a better choice, but the Evora blends in everyday usability that makes it really stand out. The ride will not beat you up; it’s a painless car to drive slowly around the ‘burbs when that type of driving is called for; the interior is stylish, with rich materials, and comfortable seating. The fact that the Evora S is also, frankly, far more exotic looking than certain, more mainstream competitors, is just icing on a really tasty cake. We’re hungry for our second piece.

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